Day 33: Food coma

I’m so incredibly full! We went out tonight for Kitty’s birthday dinner at Montana’s. There was so much food! I tried to plan ahead and leave room for dessert, but it was near impossible. There were six of us and we devoured the appetizers (calamari and a humungous platter of nachos) before we realized we weren’t going to make it through the entree!

I thought I’d be smart and get salad, but their salads are enormous! Still, that’s no reason to skip dessert, especially since they brought back the Skillet Cookie. That used to be my favourite dessert back when I was 16 or 17, before they just pulled it off the menu as a “Nee ner nee ner, Veronica!” I guess people complained or something because it’s back and bigger than ever!

Behold the beloved Skillet Cookie in all its caramel glory. This is NOT for the amateur sweet tooth.

The Skillet Cookie even comes with two spoons, as if they expect people to share (I know, how ridiculous!). I seem to remember it being two normal sized cookies with a big scoop of ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top, but they changed it! It’s now two massive cookies stacked together, which take up the entire pan with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and the whole thing is just swimming in caramel sauce. The two cookies are even held together with caramel sauce! It’s all one sticky, chocolatey mess of goodness. I couldn’t finish it though. The food coma was setting in and I had to call it quits. What was I thinking? Jeans have no give!

Our lovely waitress

  • right when we sat down, the waitress spilled a whole glass of ice water all over Kitty and Sam, which meant she had to mop up the table and the bench while the poor birthday girl dried off
  • she never asked us for drinks, so everyone had to stay sober whether they wanted to or not
  • our beef nachos had no beef
  • Sam’s steak and shrimp had no shrimp
  • we specifically asked for a birthday song and treat for Kitty, but it never came. We reminded her after we got our bills, but she kind of gave us attitude. When she finally rallied together a “singing crew,” Kitty was in the bathroom so we told her to come back later
  • Kitty’s birthday treat was a cup of whipped cream with chocolate sauce
  • the waitress stuck her finger in the whipped cream and got it all over the paper birthday crown with moose antlers before jamming it on Kitty’s head
    • Kitty didn’t even get to keep the paper crown. It was all kind of a fail.

On our way back, we saw fireworks in the distance. There was a huge display at Parliament Hill today to kick off Winterlude. It’s too bad I didn’t get to go see it. C4C (Campus for Christ) went to see the fireworks tonight but I didn’t make it to weekly meeting because of dinner. Luckily, we caught a pretty good view of it on the drive back to school (I love that some of us have cars now. It really beats relying on OC Transpo, and trudging through the snow.)

The birthday continues

Lindsay’s present for me arrived today. She ordered it online and it finally came! I think the picture speaks for itself.

Obviously I had to wear it right away. Oh, Sheldon Cooper, how you make me chuckle. I love it! I can’t wait to wear it and play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.


It looks like a great start to the weekend. I still can’t believe I get to see Savion Glover tomorrow night at the National Art Centre. He’s only the King of Tap and I got half price tickets, thanks to my student discount! You can check out his crazy tap dancing here:


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