Day 34: Dancing the night away

I basked in the glow of the King of Tap today! Savion Glover was at the NAC (National Arts Centre) and it was amazing! He turns tap into music, which makes sense if you think about it because tap is percussion. But just watching him completely blows my mind! He has a four-person band with him – a guy on bass, a guy on guitar, and an intense lady on this strange percussion instrument that I can’t name. It’s rectangular and she sat on it like a stool, but the sound isn’t like a drum at all, it’s more like if you were banging on a sheet of scrap metal. It was really cool-sounding!

But the best part was definitely the stage. I didn’t notice it at the time, but I ran into a friend from my tap class, along with a bunch of people from her other dance studio and they were all telling me about how high-tech that stage was. It looks like a wooden platform just stuck together any which way, but in actual fact, it’s specially made so that different parts of the stage have different thicknesses of wood (or so these dance fanatics suspect). That means the sound changes depending on where he dances. The whole platform is surrounded by dozens of microphones so he can actually “tune” his stage! Like I said, it blows the mind.

I was sitting up in my seat, leaning forward and just trying to drink it all in for 75 minutes of absolute bewilderment. His feet move so quickly! They were blurs, and the sound was more like a drumroll. It was that fast. And yet, each individual tap was so clear and clean. I wish I could dance like that. Meanwhile, the rest of his body stays surprisingly still. If I couldn’t hear the tapping sound, I would never have known his feet were even moving. I was reminded of a hummingbird’s wings. That is some intense tapping.

At one point, he leaped into the air and managed to click his heels together twice before coming back down. Another time, he was dancing completely on his toes, then on the instep of his feet. His ankles must be really flexible. And yet through it all, he makes every step look so easy!

I loved every minute of it. The theme of the night (if you can call it a theme), was a Flamenco style, which is a Spanish style of music/dance. I really enjoyed it. It was my first dance show (that wasn’t a musical), and my first time seeing Savion Glover. I must say I am officially a fan. It’s easy to see why everyone says he’s the best of the best.

After the show, I met up with my friend and some people from her studio, and we all went out to D’arcy McGees, a pub down the street. It was fun talking to these people who are just so into dance – and not just tap! I don’t think I could even name that many dance styles. My knowledge in the dancing milieu definitely grew by about 20 fold just by sitting with them for an hour.

It was a great night, though I ended up staying out later than I intended. Tomorrow’s going to be an equally packed day – even moreso perhaps. At least I had the morning and the afternoon to do some work today. Now I’m ready to enjoy my Sunday!


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