Day 36: Sailing away

You know what would be fantastic right about now? A desert island far away in the sunny tropics where I can sit under a palm tree all day sipping out of a coconut with a crazy straw. That sounds nice. I would lie in a hammock, napping the day away without a care in the world.

Well that’s the dream anyway. I’m usually not a big fan of wasting away on a beach somewhere letting my brain turn into goo, but right now, as I’m sitting at my desk while my room slowly fills up with the sickly sweet smokey smell of pot wafting through the vents from next door (I need to crack a window!), I would rather be anywhere but here. Seriously, that smell is really strong. Goodness, why is it always my room that gets all the weird smells? Pot, onions, wet clothes, musty cupboards. Whatever unpleasant smell is kicking around in school, chances are my room has sucked it all up. Good thing I don’t have anything that can soak up that smell and just stew in it … like clothes and bedsheets.

Well I suppose that’s enough thinly veiled – nay, hardly veiled at all – sarcasm for today. I know I was running around all yesterday and enjoying time with my friends, but I still have that feeling of being cooped up in a place that’s just too small with no room to breathe. I think it’s the midterm blues talking. My first one’s on Friday and I have yet to study more than the titles of each unit. There are too many Latin terms in law. The only one I remember is mens rea (there can be no crime without a malicious will), and the only reason I even know that in the first place is because I happen to be a fan of Legally Blonde (2001).

I didn’t go skating today. Lindsay has a cold and Natalie was studying for various tests and/or quizzes. I buckled down and managed to nail out a first draft of my court story. I’ll let Future Veronica pick through it and do the gritty clean up work.

As for Present Veronica, I think I have a very exciting night of studying ahead of me. I was hoping to go to bed early today since I was up at the crack of dawn to do my laundry and get that chore out of the way. But time seems to be ticking away at a brisk pace. Time to get down to it, I guess.

One final thought: February really is an awful month. It’s too far away from the excitement of January (New Year’s and all those fun resolutions to start and never finish, not to mention a lovely birthday on my part), and not quite March (when you can kid yourself and pretend it’s spring). It’s just one big BLAH saying, “I’m February! Deal with it.” I secretly think that’s why people invented Valentine’s Day. There may be some elaborate story about St. Valentine, but I know its true name – filler.




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