Day 37: Oatmeal

It may interest you to know this post has absolutely nothing to do with oatmeal. Maybe that’s false advertising, but as Sheldon Cooper says, “What’s life without a little whimsy?” So in the spirit of being whimsical and downright wild, crazy and reckless, I’m going to plow onward with my post proudly entitled “Oatmeal.”

I really do have a reason for christening this day as an oatmeal day. It has just been a plain, dull, nothing-to-report kind of day. In other words, today was very much – in my opinion – akin to a bowl of oatmeal (plain oatmeal, without raisins or maple syrup or brown sugar or cinnamon). It’s not a day I looked forward to in particular, nor one that I dreaded. It was just something to get through – like an obligatory bowl of oatmeal.

Two classes and a tutorial didn’t take as much out of me as I thought. I just kind of floated through the day, and before I knew it, it was nighttime. On the plus side, I don’t have any class tomorrow, though I’m still unsure what that entails. I would look forward to Reading Week, but that just makes everything due after Reading Week looks that much more intimidating. Like I said, life is looking … oatmealy.

Possibly the best part of my day was going to DG (discipleship group) meeting and chomping on chocolate while doing Bible study. We somehow got to talking about letting our thoughts wander while praying (or doing anything for that matter), and I came up with the perfect solution – for me anyway. I have taken the liberty of writing in big, purple, capital letters GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE DOING! on a big yellow Post-it note and I’ve slapped it onto the top of my desk. I’m hoping it will keep me on task when I start daydreaming when I should be doing whatever it is I need to be doing.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time to dive back into —

SIDE NOTE: The word “dive” just reminded me of something I really wanted to share. Today I learned something new about Ottawa U. They have “dive-ins,” which are like drive-ins. I’ll explain. Instead of a car in a parking lot, people show up at the pool in their swim suits, sit in a big inflatable tube in the pool, and float there while watching some water-related movie (like Jaws or Baywatch) being projected on a wall. They have breaks in between when people can actually swim. Now why doesn’t Carleton have one of those? I’d be all over that!

— the work I had planned for the evening. The news won’t be reading itself, and I suppose my media law notes aren’t going to magically imprint upon my brain anytime soon either. Time to put on a big cheesy smile and relish that oatmeal.


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