Day 39: Quick and painless

Thursdays are usually my most dreaded day, but today went surprisingly well. Sure I was a little tired (it took a 20-minute inner struggle to haul myself out of bed), but I can work with that.

I even got a pleasant surprise from my reporting class today. We had to hand in our court assignments and write a CP Style quiz (the technical ho-hum of the journalism world involving capitalization, grammar, punctuation, abbreviations and the like), and our teacher let us go an hour early!

For the rest of the day, I decided to be studious and work on my feature. And so the incessant phone calling begins. I made my first round of unanswered calls, which is always good fun. So for now, I haven’t been able to nail down any interviews yet, but at least I took the first crack at it.

Today was also the last day for CUSA elections (Carleton’s student government). I wasn’t really planning on voting at first. Last year, when I was still an eager first-year jumping at every opportunity to write for the newspaper, I was all over those electoral candidates. This year, I conveniently passed on the call for election reporters. It’s just not the kind of madness that interests me. But then I had one of those rare flashback moments.

Eighteen-year-old me once promised never ever to miss an election because democratic freedom is a privilege we have in Canada. It seems a little ungrateful to skip out on voting just because I can’t bothered to check off a few boxes. So in the spirit of avoiding the stink eye from Past Veronica (it’s nice to think Future Veronica doesn’t forget about Present Me sometimes), I read up on a candidate or two, marched up to the ballot booth and exercised the living daylights out of my democratic freedom.

Now I think it’s time to get to bed early. I have my one and only midterm tomorrow (it turns out I have it pretty good compared to some of my friends. Lindsay has four midterms!), and it never hurt anyone to catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep.


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