Day 40: These feet were made for walkin’

It was a bright, sunny day in Ottawa today and only -12 degrees. As soon as I finished my media law midterm this morning, I was ready to enjoy the day. I made a few more calls and left more messages for my feature sources. That wasn’t the enjoyment portion of the day, but it had to be done.

I went downtown to walk around and, more specifically, to try out Chocolate Oblivion – the supposedly amazing chocolate cake that will blow the mind of any chocolate lover upon first bite. It was recommended by my swim coach, who’s always giving out recipes and dish recommendations. So I’ve been itching to try that cake ever since my birthday. I just never had the time until today, and I’m glad I finally went. It made me realize how much I had to get it out of my system once and for all!

It wasn’t great at all! Maybe it just wasn’t my taste, but there wasn’t much cake in that cake. It was chocolate alright, but it more like a dense mousse that melts in your mouth like dry ice cream or flaky chocolate frosting. I wasn’t a fan. It wasn’t warm. There was no ice cream. And it was expensive.

Chocolate Oblivion? I beg to differ.

Needless to say I don’t think I will be going there again. Good thing I got that sorted out or I’d still be craving it for days. That was supposed to be my lunch, but I was not a happy camper, so I went back to D’Arcy McGee’s pub to try out their pies. I’d heard someone raving about it after the Savion Glover show.

I've never heard of a seafood pie, but it was the only one with a picture on the menu so I took a shot.

It wasn’t bad, but I’ve had better pie – namely the pies in London, England. Still, it was better than that “cake” from Blue Cactus. (It’s a shame really. I liked that name – Blue Cactus.) I was stuffed to bursting after that pie, which was filled with shrimps and salmon and haddock chunks along with some asparagus. I decided to go for a little walk, looking for a bus stop to head back to school.

As I was walking along, I realized it was really much too nice a day to be sitting on a stuffy bus. I ended up walking back to school from the downtown area. It took about an hour walking at a comfortable pace and stopping frequently to take pictures. Here’s an illustrated recount of my walk:

This is the War Memorial across from Parliament Hill to honour the soldiers from WWI.
I don't know if they have these kinds of signs in other countries during the winter, but I love how this strikes me as a "Canadian" thing. Love it.
There are ice sculptures everywhere during Winterlude, but this is the first snow sculpture I've seen this year. I'm not sure if it's for Winterlude, but it's still pretty nonetheless.
I think this is my favourite shot of the day. People are skating on the Rideau Canal and the sun is finally showing itself (sort of). If only I had brought my skates.
People are lacing up on the side of the canal, ready for a good skate. Notice how you can walk right onto the canal from the sidewalk.

That reminds me. I saw a mini skating rink outside a pub in the ByWard Market and some middle-aged men were playing (or attempting to play) broom ball. I love how everyone in Ottawa tackles outdoor skating with such vigour. Good effort. It may not be the most “happening” city in the world, but I have to say it grows on you.


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