Day 42: Loving every minute

This weekend has just flown by! I did about three hours of work, but I don’t even regret it a little bit. It’s been so much fun just letting everything melt away and spending time with friends. I know I may look back on this weekend in March when everything is just going up in flames, but right now I feel completely at peace with it all.

Let’s recap.

Day 41: Valentine’s Day Eve Eve

I took advantage of it being Saturday and decided to sleep in, which according to my body clock appears to be 9 a.m. As I was lazing around and wasting some time on Facebook, I got a message from Jasmine asking if I wanted to go skating on the Canal with her – that’s the Rideau Canal. Of course! Was there ever any question? I’ve been waiting for so long for a chance to go skating on the Canal!

We went out at about 11 a.m. It’s surprisingly convenient how close Carleton is to the canal. I mean I always knew we had the Canal as a sort of moat around the school, but I never knew we had an entryway onto the ice right next to school. It’s nice! And to make it even better, the snow plow truck was just shovelling away the snow when we got there so the ice was all smooth and ready for us.

Jasmine and I skated for about 15 minutes until we got to Bank Street. It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for skating. There’s a Beaver Tail stand out in the middle of the ice and a bunch of carnival games. We didn’t play any of them since there were a lot of little kids sliding around. I guess everyone was taking advantage of the perfect Saturday.

I felt like such an Ottawa citizen, just skating along like I’d been doing it my whole life. I didn’t even fall once (Personal best!), though the ice was really bumpy at times and there was quite a bit of flailing. We went to Truffle Treasures to buy a belated birthday present for our friend Emily, and ended up getting some gelato there for ourselves as well. I had peanut butter gelato. It was so creamy and just packed with peanut butter flavour. So good!

Then the crisis hit. Jasmine got a message from her project group about a school emergency. She had to hurry back to school and do some damage control for an assignment due that afternoon. We were supposed to meet Emily on Bank Street, but we ended up meeting at res instead. For the rest of the afternoon, the three of us were just hanging around talking about everything under the sun. Outside the sunny day had turned into a bit of a blizzard (it was changing so quickly from sunny to snowy to sunny again all afternoon that it would have been impossible to go out and do anything anyway).

The result? Emily, who’s from a little town outside Halifax, convinced me and Jasmine that we all need to visit Nova Scotia in the summer. She makes it all sound amazing! I feel like I didn’t get to see everything there was to see when I was there three years ago. Their Dairy Queen has deep fried scallops!

It was a good bonding afternoon. Celebration! Church was having an event that night. The men’s ministry was organizing a Valentine’s Day dinner to serve all the women. It was really nice! All the guys dressed up in suits and decorated a room in Saint Paul’s University (that’s where we have our church services) and made a dinner for all us ladies.

We didn’t find out it was supposed to be a dressy event until about 4:30 p.m. and we were supposed to be there by 6 p.m. You’d think that’s plenty of time, but you’d be surprised. The three of us were rushing around madly. Emily had to hurry home and change while Jasmine and I were running around res to get showered and dressed in what seemed like way too little time.

In the end, we got there at about 6:12 p.m., which was pretty impressive in my opinion. The whole night was so much fun. They guys had decorated all the tables with huge strips of brown paper and tons of crayons (like Montana’s or Jack Astor’s) so we could draw on them. Everyone got brown paper bags to decorate and hang on the backs of our chairs, and there were dozens of Valentines on the table for us to fill out and put in everyone’s bags – just like elementary school. There were Hershey kisses all over the place (many of which I gobbled up), and everyone had a really good time.

There was plenty of food – a pasta bar with four kinds of sauces (one of which was a Cincinnati chili, which has cocoa powder and cinnamon in it!). Dessert was amazing too. We had cupcakes all set up like flower bouquets, cream puffs, cake and Nanaimo bars.

Afterwards, Jasmine and I went to Emily’s house for a sleepover (explaining why I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday). We weren’t up too late, but we still had a good time. I love how Canadian Emily’s family is. I’m not exactly sure what it is about them, but everything about them seems to scream, “Canada!” They watch TV shows about Mounties (“Due South”), there are pictures of ships everywhere (a reminder of their Nova Scotia roots), and almost all their furniture is antique (I don’t know what that last comment has to do with being Canadian, but it just works). I love it.

Which brings us to today.

Day 42: “All u can enjoy”

We all slept in until about 10 a.m. this morning, and had Emily’s chocolate birthday cake for breakfast before going off our separate ways. I headed back to res and tried to be productive until 4 p.m. I really did try to make a dent in my reading for politics, but it’s just such a long chapter! I read nearly 30 pages but there’s still so much to get through, and the material is so dense.

By 4 p.m., it was time to go to church. After the service, Jasmine, Jason, Laosey and I went out to dinner. We ended up missing the bus, which runs every 30 minutes thanks to the Sunday schedule, so we were running a little late. We went to this place called 168 Sushi Buffet. It was really fancy looking and the food was really good (except for this one questionable sushi that tasted awful. It was supposed to be spicy tuna, but it looked more like someone threw a bunch of tuna, spicy sauce and a whole whack-load of green onions into a blender before pouring it onto a little rice patty. It was just mush on a rice wrapped in seaweed and we had ordered 10 of them!), and we ordered enough to feed the entire population of Canada. It was scary.

Our table was so full that we had to put half our order on hold. We never even ended up getting our full order because last call was at 9:30 p.m. We tried to get the rest of it at 9:26 p.m. but they already said they’d closed up. We still got our ice cream though. I was in a comfy food coma by the end of that.

While we were waiting for the OTrain, Jason thought it would be fun if Jasmine tried to round-kick him. She got a few good ones in, while Laosey and I were doubled over with laughter. There was slush flying everywhere. And then of course Jason wanted to try, but he was too scared to kick a girl, so he made Laosey be his dummy. He goes in for an intense kick, but slips on the slushy ground and completely wipes out! Jasmine and I nearly fell onto the tracks we were laughing so hard. It was all terribly sophisticated.

Now I’ve already spent much too long on my blog when I should be trying to finish my readings. I should probably be trying to get to sleep early, but I’m just too full! I feel like I need to stay upright for a while. If I regret it tomorrow, well so be it. But tonight, I think it’s time to burn that midnight oil.

It’s been such a fun weekend. Thank God for friends who make life so much better.


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