Day 14: Last stop, Tallinn

I didn’t want to say goodbye to Riga, but we still had one more Baltic state capital awaiting us — Tallinn, Estonia!

To be honest, Riga really raised the bar for me. It was the only city post-Russia that the really had me enamoured. I know, big shoes to fill, eh? No surprise then that Tallinn fell a little flat in my books. Driving or walking around the city, I felt like I could’ve been anywhere. That’s not to say Tallinn has nothing to offer.


My favourite part of the Estonian capital? Old Town Tallinn. Wonder of wonders, it’s always in the old parts of town that you find the city’s most distinguishable features. Old Town Tallinn is actually encircled with a Medieval wall, complete with turrets and hidden staircases! Exploring the city on our own, I felt like I had stepped onto the set of Robin Hood.

Where else do you find traffic jams and a Medieval fortress side by side?Where else do you find traffic jams and a Medieval fortress side by side?


And so concludes my sojourn in the Baltics. Coming from Russia (and especially Belarus), I really noticed the blatant “European-ness” of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.


No real shocker there, seeing as it’s no secret that these states were unwilling members of the Soviet Union family. Everything about the Baltic state capitals screams, “We’re with Europe!”


Having come via Minsk, I had a huge appreciation for the cheery, colourful atmosphere in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. Even so, it still doesn’t make me miss Russia any less. As far as trip endings go, I wouldn’t say we went out with a bang, but the Baltics certainly make for a gentle landing.

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