Why no one buys blackberries in December

It’s been exactly 58 days since I ran that half marathon, and since then my running shoes have seen little to no action. After some (very brief) soul searching, I now say that without a hint of guilt. The race is over. I proved my point. I still don’t love running. Let’s move on.

So move on I did, straight into the loving arms of my kitchen. Christmas time has put me into a baking mood. I didn’t realize how much I missed trying new recipes, getting dusted in flour, pacing in front of the oven, and filling the house with delicious smells … (oh, and gobbling up the fruits of my labour).

Proof of how much I love spending time in the kitchen:

December isn’t exactly berry season, but I got suckered into buying some blackberries a couple days ago. They looked so plump and juicy! All I wanted to do was pop them all into my mouth right away.

So I did.

Then all I wanted to do was spit them out. That was a whole lot of SOUR. Like a punch in the face, that was. I’m all for tart, pleasantly tangy even, but these blackberries were full-on sour. My mouth is sympathy-watering just thinking about it.

There’s only one cure for sour berries. You turn them into jam … or in my case, a cobbler.

A little (read: heaping cupful) of sugar, a squeeze of lemon and those blackberries were bubbling happily on the stove. They didn’t know what hit ’em.

A few minutes on the stove, and those sour berries started looking a lot more appealing.

I just want to pour this over ice cream, but eye on the prize! We have a cobbler to make.

With the berries taken care of, it was just a matter of whipping up the dough (kind of like a fluffy biscuit) scooping it out over this jammy goodness. I was a little upset at this point that I didn’t have enough dough to cover my pan.

I popped it in the oven and it came out looking like this.

As it turned out I needn’t have worried about not having enough dough after all.

And then of course ice cream. Always ice cream. I don’t know what it is but all my favourite desserts always have some sort of hot and cold love fest going on, smothered in a whole lot of sauce. Sauce is a must. Seriously, I’ve been known to scrape down a plate so thoroughly, you’d think it was already washed. (This is done discreetly of course. I am a lady after all.)

Side note:  This all happened at about 10 last night. Hey, the baking itch can strike at any time. It doesn’t give two figs about my schedule. I had just come home from the gym though, so I think I broke even. 

One thought on “Why no one buys blackberries in December

  1. I like what you did with the berries and the dough. Haha although, the dough part looked more like “for lazy people, this is how to bake” haha that would work for me. 🙂

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