Doodle-Ventures: my ‘animated’ world of 2-dimensional creatures

Last Christmas, my mom gave me the most wonderful gift — a big book of drawing prompts, 500 of them to be exact.

It’s now October, and I’ve still only barely made a dent in this monster of a book, but in the spirit of InkTober* (which I only just heard about this year), I’ve decided to share a few of my completed doodles. They don’t coincide with this year’s InkTober themes, but … there’s still ink. Does that count?

Here’s the first installment (in no particular order):

3/500 Zombies
3/500 Zombies

I’m no professional, but I have spent hundreds of hours bringing hundreds of 2D worlds to life ever since I was a little bowl-cut kid. My tools of choice are inky black pens in various sizes and a big box of markers (really, I’ll just take whichever box has the most colours).

They don’t always turn out the way I intend. Sometimes they run off with a mind of their own. Other times, my hand slips and I’m forced to cover it up with a spontaneous turtle or something. In any case, it’s all good fun and a little therapeutic. Hopefully you get as much of a kick out of them as I do.

*InkTober is a drawing challenge that began in 2009. Artists all over the world share one ink drawing for each day of October based on a different theme for each day.


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