Doodle-Ventures: be the dandelion

The last two doodles fit so naturally as a pair, but this one (like many others I will come to realize) are completely unrelated. However, they’re stuck sharing a page forever thanks to the genius who decided to slice a page into two awkward triangles.

For your sake (or to your horror) I’ve taken the liberty of weaving these unrelated doodles into some sort of shared narrative. Think of it as an arranged marriage. Enjoy!

In the game of life, sometimes you’re the worm. No matter how great you are at fulfilling your wormy life goals, some feathered go-getter comes along to eat you alive.

Other times, you luck out and get to be that smug little early bird. Fat juicy worms are just all over the place waiting for you to cash in. How lovely for you.

66 & 67/500 Dandelion and Earthworm

Still other times, you may have to be the dandelion, as outlined in the following fictional exchange.

Dandelion: Hello world! I have arrived.

World: Egads! Who invited you, fluffy weedling?

Dandelion: I invited myself. *waves dandelion fluff charmingly*

World: There’s no room for you in this carefully manicured garden. Get thee gone.

Dandelion: Too late. I’ve made my own room. Tada! Scatter, delightful fluff! Settle in all four corners of this magnificent earth.

World: … how unsightly.

Dandelion: You’re unsightly.


And the moral of the story is: be as bold and brave as the dandelion, springing up in weird, unexpected places and refusing to be uprooted in the hopes that one day, you might grow on people … or eventually wear them down enough that they’ll leave you alone to freely fly your freak flag. And hopefully no one thinks to grab the weed wacker.

Gosh, I should be a motivational speaker.

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