Doodle-Ventures: for the love of Nemo

All this news over the last few days of the Great Barrier Reef’s slow painful death is so heartbreaking. That ghostly corpse of a dead/dying reef is hard to look at … plus, I heard it reeks! (Much like a dead body.)

Not very much of the ocean floor is covered by coral reefs.* As a percentage, it’s practically nothing — something like 0.1 per cent, but more than a quarter of all marine life calls it home sweet home. More than a quarter. Are you kidding me?

Which brings me to today’s doodle. If you haven’t guessed already … it’s a coral reef.

25/500 Coral Reef

And if you don’t care about the reef (you monster!), consider this: coral reefs can also act as a barrier in case of tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, other horrifying storms that start brewing in the water.

Whether you believe the reports are exaggerated or not, there’s no hiding the ugly truth — we’re seeing a lot more ghostly skeletons where there used to be beautiful coral reefs … but all hope is not lost! Coral can bounce back if we just give it a chance.

That’s my environmental speech for the day. I’m not at all an expert on this, but it’s common sense to take good care of the environment. There are so many weird and wonderful species of fish and fish-like things counting on us to take care of them.

Moral of the story: if we let the coral reef die, we are basically responsible for killing Nemo … and Baby Dory … and all their little friends. I can’t accept that.

*The plural form of coral reef is distressing. Coral reefs? I know there are reefs … but are there corals? Or is it corals reef like culs-de-sac? It’s times like this I wish English was more like Chinese. (i.e. There are no plurals. Ever. For anything. Efficiency at its finest.)

MORE CORAL TALK:: Okay, I had to google it. I’ve concluded:

  • you can have one coral and two corals,
  • one reef and two reefs, 
  • (and most importantly) one coral reef and two coral reefs.
  • A reef is made up of a bunch of coral joining together and singing kumbaya.

Phew, now I can sleep at night.


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