Doodle-Ventures: where I’d rather be

The day before vacation always feels the longest. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be in the city that never sleeps. My two favourite little cousins and I are off on our first parent-less adventure! As you can imagine, it has been a struggle to rein in my wandering brain.

(You try focusing on a steady stream of emails while Frank Sinatra’s beautiful voice is singing the “Theme from New York, New York” over and over in your head. Not so easy, friends. Not so easy.)

All this mental roaming has me feeling a lot like this little guy in today’s doodle.

11 & 12/500 Alien & Tropical Cocktail
11 & 12/500 Alien & Tropical Cocktail

Much like the alien, I do not belong among the earthlings (a.k.a. working folk) today. The mothership calls me home. I miss my cousins!

This is what happens when your family is scattered. I am glad we don’t live in faraway Hong Kong anymore, but I sure wish our parents hadn’t settled so far away from each other after leaving Old Country.

Side note: In this perfect world scenario, I’m envisioning these cousins to come join us in Toronto. I don’t really want to live in Kansas or Arkansas. (Sorry, cuzzies! I’m not cut out for life in Tornado Alley.)

As for tying in the tropical cocktail … who doesn’t need one of those at the end of a long day at work?


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