Doodle-Ventures: return from the concrete jungle

After four wonderful days in New York City with my cousins, I’ve returned with a full belly, jam-packed suitcase, raccoon eyes and a worn-out wallet. I’ve been to NYC a handful of times now, and I still find myself in awe at how busy and alive it is all the time.

Our hotel was right in the heart of Time Square with a perfect view of the hustle and bustle 34 storeys below us. That city really never sleeps. If we didn’t have blinds, our room would’ve been fully lit all 24 hours of the day.

Today’s doodle — half of it anyway — has a little New York flavour to commemorate our trip.

26 & 27/500 Wine Bottle & Statue of Liberty

The other half of today’s doodle can be as New-York-related as you’d like. In my mind, they’re NYC rats (three cousins perhaps) causing trouble and having a good time in the Big Apple. I’d be that big fat one swimming in the bottle.


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