Doodle-Ventures: the “Anthropocene” and other scary thoughts

The longer I spend working in the world of news, the more I start to notice how stories often (but thankfully not always) fall into one of two categories:

  1. Depressing (e.g. serial killers, fires, floods, American politics, etc.)
  2. Embarrassing (e.g. dog fashion shows*, internet quibble over the colour of that dress, etc.)

One story on the radar today falls into that first category. The World Wildlife Fund released a report showing nearly 60 per cent of our wildlife populations around the world have disappeared between 1970 and 2012.

And as if this isn’t tragic enough, that number is expected to rise to 67 per cent (!!!) by 2020 mainly because wildlife has no place to live anymore thanks to all of us humans tromping around and destroying the environment.

The WWF report goes on to say we may be entering a new era dubbed “Anthropocene,” in which “anthropo” is Greek for “human” and “cene” is a geological period. Scientists are basically suggesting human activity is now the driving force for change on the planet. Shocker.

The “greenest” planet

My Grade 9 geography teacher once said the greenest planet is a human-less planet. A valid point though, for the record, I’m still very much pro-human.

Humans are great. We invented smartphones and rocket ships and molten lava cake. Surely we can figure out how to protect and care for the weird and wonderful animals that share our little blue planet.

I made a similar point not too long ago arguing the case for coral reefs, and my message really is much the same. If we don’t own up to the responsibility (and privilege) of taking good care of our environment, we can say goodbye to a lot of God’s beautiful creatures . . . such as the ones in today’s doodle.

30/500 Elephant(s)
30/500 Elephant(s)

*No word of a lie — I once had to interview women (they were almost all women at this event) who entered their dogs in a Halloween costume contest. Pope “Bone-edict” and Leonardo “Dog-Caprio” were among the contestants (Instagram proof below) . . . Fake laughter. Real tears.


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