Doodle-Ventures: Happy cavity day — er, Halloween!

Halloween is here! I’ve been getting into the spooktacular spirit (cringe!) by partaking in the following scary activities:

  • reading up on the latest US election polls (Ack! Look how narrow the Trump-Clinton margin is getting!)
  • checking my credit card statement (Eek! That’s quite a number of decimal places.)
  • getting a full physical at the doctor’s like the responsible adult I am (Cholesterol is spooooooky stuff!)

And if these are not Halloween-y enough for you, my final offer is today’ doodle.

9 & 10/500 Mythical Beast & Spooky Tree

Fine, a griffin is not so scary, but imagine a whole herd (flock?) of them … chasing after you … through a creepy forest … full of spooky trees …. and big hairy spiders.

Happy Halloween! And don’t forget to brush and floss tonight because you know what else is scary?

Cavities and gingivitis.


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