Doodle-Ventures: the vortex of doom

Every so often, I get a case of the blahs. Today is one of those days.

It’s hard to concentrate. Time oozes by in a painfully slow crawl. My eyelids are not putting up much of a fight against gravity, probably their way of screaming for more sleep. And to top it off, I’m so hungry … even though I already ate everything within reach.

One bright spot — I found the perfect doodle to sum up my mood.

Fly Fishing & Black Hole
125 & 126/500 Fishing Fly & Black Hole

Honestly I don’t know much about fishing. Anything that involves impaling live worms just isn’t for me. So I decided a fly going fishing was acceptable. His face is pretty much my face today. I feel you, fly.

A case of the blahs works a little like a black hole, just sucking up all the light around it. I don’t have much enthusiasm to offer today, but you’re welcome to enjoy this doodle.

Fun fact: “Fishing Fly” was my first doodle in this big book of drawings. These early ones didn’t get the full benefit of my Crayola stash.


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