Doodle Ventures: seeing the flowers

When I get stuck in the vortex of doom (otherwise known as a case of the blahs), it usually takes days for me to emerge and feel like myself again. So it’s with great surprise I discovered yesterday’s case of the blahs already packed its bags and left me alone after just 24 hours, which is highly uncharacteristic.

And I know exactly why.

The blahs suck away my motivation and my ability to see the bright side of things, kind of like wearing gloomy shades that drain the colour out of all the vibrant, wonderful things in life that I used to enjoy.

Yesterday was exactly one of those days. Instead of staying home and wallowing (as I was so tempted to do), I went out and smiled and socialized with some co-workers, which was freaking hard but I did it anyway. And I’m so glad I did because I spoke to one person who said something that made a world of difference.

At a time when the blahs made me question what I’m doing with my life and whether I’d ever have a “real” career and how I’m going to keep slogging through the daily grind on autopilot, that one person told me this (more or less, I mean it’s not like I recorded it verbatim):

Even though every day feels the same, and it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress or doing anything exciting, even if you think to yourself every day “This sucks!” just keep going because you’re in a good place — a really good place. And there are people out there dying to get to land where you are now. So keep working hard. Keep going. Something will come from it.

And she probably didn’t know it at the time (and probably still doesn’t know it now), but that shot of encouragement was exactly what I needed to hear, especially coming from someone I admire as a solid, nothing-scares-me kind of journalist.

Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that the bundle of weeds you think life has so miserably bestowed upon you is actually a bouquet of flowers … or at least includes a blossom or two, which brings us to today’s doodle.

52 & 53/500 Weeds & Flowers
52 & 53/500 Weeds & Flowers

If I learned anything from this, it may be that even when you can’t shake off the blahs, it’s always worthwhile to encourage someone else. Who knows? That could make all the difference.

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