Doodle-Ventures: channelling my inner yeti

We’re closing in on the last 24 hours before life as we know it changes forever (a.k.a. U.S. Election Day), and I’ve been brushing up on my American politics and geography, which is starting to feel like I’m studying for a PhD.

Here’s a peek at a small fragment of my many, MANY study notes, which I’ve lugged down to the control room.

After a few embarrassing moments, I’m proud to announce I now know my way around a map of the States like a boss. In other words, I know enough to pass Gr. 3 geography in the U.S.

(In my defence though, why is Kansas considered the Midwest when it’s smack in the middle? Maybe it should just be called the Mid. Also, I need a magnifying glass to find Delaware.)

Canadian geography is so much more manageable — 10 provinces, three territories, zero headache. Seriously, how do the children of America remember it all?

As the clock ticks ever closer to E-Day, tensions are running high. It’s all election all the time. We’ve been running rehearsals right through the weekend, trying to iron out all the kinks before showtime at 8 p.m. tomorrow night.

In times like these when I’m tempted to scamper around in a frenzy with everybody else, I find it helpful to learn from the star of today’s doodle.

164/500 Yeti
164/500 Yeti

This peaceful yeti has no anxiety, no worries and no shoes. I didn’t even give  him a backdrop. Yeti stands alone and speaks for his own yeti-self. (Or you can imagine him standing in a snowstorm. Wait … maybe I’ve confused Yeti with Abonominable Snowman. Or is Yeti the same as Big Foot? Bah, who cares? This yeti sure doesn’t.)

Teach us your carefree ways, gentle giant. We’re going to need it come tomorrow.

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