Doodle-Ventures: new beginnings

Election Day is finally here! If you feel like it’s been an eternity since all this U.S. election talk began, that’s because it kind of has been — maybe not exactly an eternity but 597 days can start to feel pretty close.

The newsroom is buzzing today. Election days are always exciting, but today is feeling especially momentous. History is in the making, no matter how the electorate votes. America will either elect the first ever woman president or the oldest president (going into his first term), among many other firsts. A new chapter is set to unfold, and we’re all holding our collective breaths.

Much like the cute, cuddly chick in today’s doodle, we are equal parts excited and nervous to see what the future holds.

57/500 Egg Hatching
57/500 Egg Hatching

Of course, unlike this fluffy little guy, what lies in store for us won’t be very cute or cuddly. A brave new world awaits.

What makes it even more of a nail-biter for us Canadians is the fact that we have no say in any of this, and yet the outcome will affect us greatly (or perhaps the apt word here is “bigly”).

I like to think we have a special relationship with our American neighbours, a relatively friendly and cooperative relationship. We share so much. Few countries in today’s world can say the same.

And so we are watching anxiously up here, not as popcorn-munching spectators taking in a freak show, but as genuinely concerned neighbours. America, we do (or at least I do) feel invested as you cast your ballots today.

I implore you as someone who wishes she had a say in this historical election, please please vote tonight. We’re counting on you!


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