Doodle-Ventures: the view from here (north of Parallel 49)

More than two days after the fact, I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the outcome of the U.S. election. By now, I’m sure every Facebook and Twitter feed is already inundated with countless think pieces on how it happened and why it happened, what Americans think and what Canadians think, where we go from here, what this means for humanity and when we can expect the whole world to burst into angry flames.

I’m not keen on adding to the chatter. So many of my Canadian friends have shared sighs of relief in a “This looks bad, but it could be worse; we could be you!” kind of way … and yet I have a hard time saying “Phew!” at a time like this. Let’s not kid ourselves; the politics of America rarely if ever stay contained within its borders. A line drawn on a map isn’t going to save us from anything.

As we watch the commentary unfold over the next few days months four years, I think this is a good opportunity to reflect the values we hold dear in our own country. Before you know it, we’ll be casting our own ballots. 2019 is not as far away as we think.

Today’s doodle is a two-parter. I was about to split them, but I think both work together to reflect how we’re feeling about the outcome of this election. I for one feel torn between “Hooray this didn’t happen to us!” but also … no one likes a gloating neighbour.

220 & 221/500 Saturn's Rings & Birdcage
220 & 221/500 Saturn’s Rings & Birdcage

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