Doodle-Ventures: the plunge

I always find it funny when someone tells me I’m cool and collected under pressure. Sure, I may put on a calm face but it sure isn’t because I’ve mastered the art of keeping the mind in a zen-like state of serenity.

A more likely story is when all hell breaks loose, I freak out on the inside and unknowingly make this catatonic face. Ain’t nobody got time for facial expressions and arm flapping, not when I still have to attend to normal human functions (i.e. breathing, smiling, nodding, generally pretending my heart isn’t about to drop out my butt).

Thankfully, most days do not induce full-blown panic, but I often get a heaping dose of “panic lite” — butterflies, clammy hands, the jitters, a sudden ability to feel my heartbeat thudding inside my skull etc.

For those who are lucky enough to have never experienced this for themselves, I might describe the feeling as something akin to being swept off a waterfall and plunging into unknown waters … much like today’s doodle! (See what I did there?)

1 & 2/500 Waterfall & Wizard’s Staff

I so wish there was an easy fix, such as waving a wizard’s staff and magicking it all away (Isn’t it great when the doodles tie in together?), but alas all I’ve learned is this three-step method, which so far has worked every time though it is not easy:

  1. Freak out.
  2. Pray.*
  3. Take a deep breath and do it anyway.

And then of course repeat as required to make it through another day.

*Praying doesn’t “persuade” God to miraculously make my problems disappear, but prayer puts my heart in a better place so I can face whatever (horror) comes at me.

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