Doodle-Ventures: holiday haze

Christmas has come and gone, but we’re still in this delicious holiday haze — the week that trails after Boxing Day leading up to New Year’s Day. I love this time of year, even if I am working through most of it. Remnants of Christmas cookies are still littered around the office. Quality Street tins still hold a few lucky survivors, though I doubt any of that candy will make it to 2017.

Everyone is still riding the holiday buzz, and I’m still bouncing back from a sugar overload. A coworker introduced me to these chocolates from Purdy’s that she described as “Turtles on crack” — Sweet Georgia Browns. I don’t know what they’re doing down in Sweet Georgia, but those chocolates are maddeningly addictive. Chocolate, caramel and pecans never tasted so good … and I have never been so thorough with my brushing and flossing.

Half of today’s doodle speaks to my anti-cavity sentiments.

21 & 22/500 Tooth Fairy & Deep Sea Monster
21 & 22/500 Tooth Fairy & Deep-sea Monster

The other half is my “deep” sea monster. I decided to make him deep in a profound, thoughtful, brooding type of way, pondering the meaning of life.

As for me, I’m also feeling pensive and longing for the sea. My holiday haze is buzzing with anticipation. It’s the final countdown (just three more days!) before I offset some of this nonstop work. 2016 has been a rough year, and I’ve decided to bid it farewell with some fun.

Sun, sand and sea, here I come! I shall be ringing in the New Year from the balmy shores of the Caribbean.

Ahh… I can hear the hallelujah chorus.

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