Day 15-16: Helsinki and Homebound

How time flies. After looking forward to this trip for so long, it's strange and a little sad to think that my Bucket List Trip to Russia has come to an end. What can I say? The post-travel blues are real, and I've got 'em bad. That's part of the reason it's taken me a good … Continue reading Day 15-16: Helsinki and Homebound

Day 14: Last stop, Tallinn

I didn't want to say goodbye to Riga, but we still had one more Baltic state capital awaiting us -- Tallinn, Estonia! To be honest, Riga really raised the bar for me. It was the only city post-Russia that the really had me enamoured. I know, big shoes to fill, eh? No surprise then that … Continue reading Day 14: Last stop, Tallinn

Days 9-10: From Moscow to Minsk (the rude awakening)

As I write this, we're driving through the piney forests of Latvia, up the coast of the Baltic Sea. We've said goodbye to Riga, Latvia, and now it's onwards and upwards to our final Baltic capital -- Tallinn, Estonia. Seeing as I have about four hours to kill while bumping along on a bus, I'll … Continue reading Days 9-10: From Moscow to Minsk (the rude awakening)

Day 4-8: How Russia stole my heart (part 1)

The last five days have completely and utterly spectacular. Five jam-packed days to see as much as possible in the beautiful cities of St.Petersburg and Moscow. I can't get enough! Everything about Russia has been bigger and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Five days is hardly enough to see all that St. Petersburg … Continue reading Day 4-8: How Russia stole my heart (part 1)